HOCL Products

We believe hypochlorous acid – also known as HOCL – is one of the most underutilized eco-friendly sanitizing products available. Join the movement toward eco-friendly products! Get your HOCL from Simply Serene through its CleanSmart line-up of products. CleanSmart manufactures a premium quality HOCL product at its facility in southern Ontario. Using its proprietary manufacturing procedures and ingredients, CleanSmart creates an eco-friendly disinfectant and antiseptic.

Hypochlorous acid (HOCL ) is not new. It has been used as an antiseptic and disinfectant since the 1840s. For a complete history on HOCL, click here. Research has been performed on HOCL since the 1960s. This research has validated it as a non-toxic, non-irritating, and eco-friendly disinfectant and antiseptic for many different industries. Currently, HOCL is used as an antiseptic and/or disinfectant in animal care and livestock, produce and crops, food processing, health care, dental, eye care, wound care, and water treatment.

All HOCL products are not equal. There are two primary sources of HOCL – from a manufacturer which produces it in bulk or by a Do-it-Yourself generator. With an inexpensive, on-site, Do-It-Yourself HOCL generator, it is extremely difficult to control manufacturing parameters. Generating an efficacious and consistent HOCL product is quite rare, and only a few manufacturers around the globe are able to do it well.

Save money and save the planet – a wonderful and rare win-win scenario.

Air Purification

We believe having access to clean indoor air is very important! Many North Americans now spend more than 90% of their time indoors, where air quality is often much worse than outdoors. Through its Treely Air line-up of high-performance air purifier equipment, Simply Serene helps North Americans attain much safer indoor air-quality environments.

Indoor air quality has now become a recognized major health issue. In a recent study, the World Health Organization says nearly 4 million people die annually from poor indoor air quality (click here for report). With the increased use of chemicals during the last several decades in all types of products and goods within our businesses, homes, schools, and other building environments, the air quality in many of our buildings has greatly deteriorated (click here for more). Unfortunately, many who are the most affected by the harmful affects of poor indoor air quality spend a lot of time indoors. Others spend a lot of time indoors simply because of work obligations.

Poor air quality is a growing challenge for many people. Spending a lot of time indoors is not something many of us can change much. What we can change is to manage the quality of the air we breath. One way of mitigating harmful indoor air quality is by purifying the air with a premium grade air purification system. Too often premium quality means high prices. At Treely Air, we offer a premium grade product – designed to make our modern indoor environments more liveable – at an affordable price.

Planet Friendly Matters

Consumers and businesses around the globe are increasingly looking for greener and more sustainable products and solutions for their everyday life and work. Simply Serene believes product solutions must be planet friendly and make all our lives more sustainable.

We only have one planet that we all share. This one planet has a fixed amount of air, land, and water and if it is contaminated there is no air, land, and water to import from another planet. As a society, we have introduced thousands of new products and chemicals to our planet during the past 100 years. These products have provided a higher standard of living, but often they have negatively impacted our air, land, and water. For example, many chemicals in the cleaning products many of us use eventually end up in our water supply.

Many consumers have rising concerns about how our modern world is impacting our environment, and they are asking many industries to make current products less damaging to the environment or to provide alternatives. Many industries are responding by creating more planet-friendly product solutions.

Simply Serene believes alternative products that are less damaging to our environment can improve the quality of our life. By working together, we can do our part to be a better steward of the planet we all share. Moving forward, consumers will increasingly demand more planet-friendly alternatives. The team at Simply Serene continually searches the globe for planet-friendly product solutions which will be a good fit for its growing product line up. Stay tuned for upcoming new products!